KEFAI water sachet packing machine can be used for filling and packing bagged pure water, milk, beverage, or other liquid pouch packing. Water Packing Machine can automatically complete the processes of bag making, quantitatively, filling, sealing, slitting, counting, coding, etc., and we can customize the machine according to customers' requirements.

Water Sachet Packing Machine Manufacturer

KEFAI as a water bag packing machine manufacturer, focuses on innovative packaging equipment. This water pouch packing machine is widely used to pack pure water pouches, milk, soybean milk, sauce, vinegar, yellow wine, and all kinds of drinks with film forming filling sealing function. The whole process can be accomplished automatically, such as ultraviolet sterilization, bag figuration, date printing, quantitative filling, enveloping, cutting, counting, and so on. The temperature of heat-sealing is controlled automatically, the production is beautiful and fastness, the machine adopts a stainless steel shell, and sanitation is guaranteed. Our water bag packing machine comes with a glasses cover, ribbon coder, and UV sterilizer.

kefai water bag packing machine

ප්රධාන ලක්ෂණ

1. Back-seal packaging, valve plug pump filling, and metering.
2. Film sterilization, pure water liquid material sterilization.
3. The finished product bag is exquisite, reliable, hygienic and safe.
4. Assemble the photoelectric control device to ensure the integrity of the packaging bag pattern.
5. Automatically complete bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, printing batch number.
6. The shell and material contact parts are made of stainless steel.

water pouch

තාක්ෂණික පරාමිතිය

Filling +Sealing
1500- 2200bags/Hour
200ml- 500ml/500-1500ml
220v/380v 1.6kw
චිත්රපට පළල


water pouch packing machine

සමාගමේ වාසිය

KEFAI is a well-known manufacturer of water pouch packaging machines. KEFAI offers a wide range of high quality water packaging machines to meet the specific needs of different customers for water packaging. This includes offering a variety of models with different speeds and features, allowing customers to choose the pouch packing machine that best suits their specific production needs. In addition, KEFAI incorporates advanced technology and innovation into its water packing machines. The upgraded version of the automatic water packing system has enhanced quality and reliability. In summary, KEFAI is committed to giving its customers the best possible packing solution for water.

ඔබට මෙහි ක්ලික් කළ හැකිය KEFAIMACHINERY තවත් අදාළ යන්ත්‍ර සොයා ගැනීමට.


FAQs about Water Packing Machine

1. What is the best way to transport a water pouch packer?

The best way to transport a water packer depends on its size, weight and the distance it has to be transported.KEFAI uses a professional logistics company that can transport the machine correctly and appropriately. Suitable modes of transportation may include road, sea, or air freight, depending on the destination and logistical needs. When choosing a mode of transportation, factors such as the safety of the machine, transit time, and cost need to be considered.

2. What is the price of a water packet wrapping machine?

The price of a water packing machine varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of machine, its performance, specifications, and capacity. In general, small water packers may cost between a few thousand and tens of thousands of dollars, while medium to large water packers may cost more, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars. And while there may be some price differences between different suppliers, KEFAI will give you the most acceptable low price water packaging solution.

3. What is the body material of the water pouch packing machine?

The body material of the water packer is usually selected with good corrosion resistance and hygienic properties to ensure compliance with the hygienic standards and requirements of food packaging. KEFAI generally uses stainless steel. The stainless steel body is easy to clean and sanitize.