kefai multihead බර ආහාර ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය
KEFAI multi-head automatic combination scales are fairly suitable for you if you want to achieve maximum precision and total handling capacity. The bulk materials are first put in the middle of the multi-head weighing machine. Then the materials are sent to the various vibrating feeding trays through the central cone vibration. Then, the bulk materials will be carried to the weighing drum for weighing and measurement. After being weighed, KEFAI multi-head weighing machine will select the drums that can achieve the best match and lock them. In the meantime, the drums are handled by automatic packing devices or manual operators for packing. Our combination scales are made of stainless steel and are able to provide instant online results for you. Some machines like vertical and horizontal filling sealing devices, precast bag filling devices and so on can combine with the multi-head weighing machine. The expression multiple weighing has to do with the fact that you use several barrels to weigh and measure.


KEFAI multi-head weigher has such high performance that you can gain a soft and effective treatment of your goods. Even if you add more work to the multi-head weighing machine, the machine can still minimize the leakage of your goods as much as possible and weigh the goods precisely. We can help you improve your productivity to the largest extent. KEFAI multi-head weighing machine can be used in all sanitary conditions. No matter how bad the working environment, you are able to breathe easily there. If you use our multi-head weighing machine, you are capable of saving a lot of expenses. In addition to providing a hygienic design, our multi-head weighing machine is also equipped with a waterproof structure. Fruits, vegetables, medicine, snacks and so on are within the scope of the application of the multi-head weighing machine.

KEFAI multi-head weighing machine can automatically show you the best operation on the screen. Leading in the production of multi-head weighing machines, KEFAI can give you a wonderful purchase, which includes different kinds of products. Before purchasing, you should first weigh your original commodity and analyze the nature of your commodity. In this way, the weigher is able to be properly configured. If you have any doubt about our multi-head weighing machines, you can choose to consult us at any time and we will give you a comprehensive response. Our multi-head machines can accurately and quickly weigh the products to meet your requirements. We can provide you with multiple choices of models of multi-head machines. We can realize your own requirements and deal with your goods in an excellent way. The multi-head machine body is relatively silent, so the sound will not be disturbing. In addition, it has fewer maintenance times and supports multiple continuous weighing. You can learn the function of the machine by operating the display. We provide a series of security protection settings to ensure that sensitive parameter settings retain their original values. Equipped with self-diagnosis function, KEFAI multi-head weighing machine can clear the faults in a moment. We are pleased to provide you with a series of weighing solutions.