China Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine Factory

The triangle tea bag packing machine is widely used as one-time packaging of bags to pack tea and other small particles. Not only can the triangle tea bag packing machine be used in tea bag factories, but also can be used for automatic packaging of seeds, medicine, health products, tea, etc., such as vegetable seeds, Chinese herbal slices, health tea, tea bags and other materials.

KEFAI's triangle tea bag packing machine is much cheaper than other manufactures in the marketing. Although our triangle tea bag packing machine’s price is cheap, our quality is still perfect. We devote to build high quality product to satisfy customers. Our products are only successful if our customers are satisfied with the triangle tea bag packing machine. KEFAI's automatic triangle tea bag packing machine is an intelligent packaging machine that can perfectly pack tea into triangular bags.

KEFAI Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine

Automatic Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine: The capacity of the automatic triangle tea bag packing machine is able to reach 50 bags in one minute, which is a big breakthrough for production. Also, the automatic triangle tea bag packing machine is a kind of vertical multi-function machine which can fill seal wrap and date print. A popular item on the market is triangle tea bags with string and label that has some benefits. In addition to the manufacturer’s sign, there are convenient tea drinkers tea role. When you drink tea, you can hold a small card to adjust the tea bag. So, with our machine you can get a machine that can produce a tea bag without a label or a tea bag with a label. It all depends on your preference.

  • Diversity of Packaging Materials
  • ඉහළ ජනප්රියත්වය
  • අභිරුචි කළ සේවාව
  • High Security
  1. Packaging capacity reach to 2500bags/h (Determined by packing material)
  2. Applicable packing materials: Nylon film with thread and label.
  3. 4 heads electronic scale measurement with high precision.
  4. Omron PLC control, adopted the Panasonic double Servo motor to make the bag. Supplied complete setting functions.
  5. Packaging material tension automatic adjustment device.
KEFAI automatic tea triangle bag packaging system is suitable for the dual bag packing of small grainlike  materials, such as tea leaves, medicinal tea and healthy teas. Pack broken tea, herb tea, saffron, coffee powder and other similar products.
Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine Application


Machine name
KEFAI fully automatic triangle tea bag packing machine
20-40 bags/Min (Determined by packing material)
Filling precision
≤ ±2% (Determined by packing material)
බෑග් ප්රමාණය
60-80(W)*40-80(L) mm
Packing film
120mm /140mm/160 mm
Sealing type
Triangle bag or flat bag
පිරවුම් පරාසය
1-5g / 2-10g
Film thickness
0.04-0.06 mm
Packing material
Nylon, Polyester net non-woven fabrics,ultrasonic sealing materials
Rolled outer diameter
≤ 400 mm
Rolled paper core inside diameter
76 mm
වායු පරිභෝජනය
0.6 Mpa, 0.4 m3/min
සම්පූර්ණ බලය
3.7 KW
Single 220V 50HZ
Dimension/ Weight
1050*1200*2600 mm / 650 KG
සවිස්තරාත්මක පින්තූර
Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine details



Well-Established System

    The triangle tea bag packer machine's ultrasonic bonding and cutting system has program-controlled operation, built-in overload protection and alarm output functions. Moreover, touch man-machine panel that provide complete setting function, can adjust a number of parameters according to demand, so as to provide maximum operating flexibility for users. If your production has different package range, the volume size range of the triangle tea bag packing machine can be adjusted arbitrarily to fit your requirements. What’s more, there is also an alarm device attached to the machine, for example, when there is no packaging material or ultrasonic load, the alarm device will sound to alert you.



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අපව අමතන්න

On the one hand, KEFAI as a tea bag packing machine manufacturer who has about 15 years, KEFAI is always cooperate with top quality brand to select best material of the machine. Our stainless steel material makes the triangle tea bag packing machine looks smooth and glossy. Also, it reduces the contact between tea and people, so as to make the tea much cleaner. On the other hand, KEFAI lay emphasis on the service we offer for customers. At any time, our response speed is very fast, and the response rate reached 100 percent, which praised by the majority of customers.

ඔබට අපගේ යන්ත්‍ර සෙවිය හැකිය KEFAIMACHINERY.


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“I want to recommend Kefai’s triangle tea bag packing machinery for you, because both the quality and the price are good. I think it is the best.”Mr. George, a customer from Switzerland.
“What surprised me is the running sound of kefai’s triangle tea bag packing equipment, which doesn’t make a lot of noise like other machines.”Mr. Brown, a customer from England.
“Since I needed the machine urgently, I asked if it could be shipped quickly. KEFAI sent me the triangle tea bag packing solution very quickly. I really appreciate them. I really like KEFAI’s triangle tea bag packing machines.”Mr. Marvin, a customer from America.

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FAQs about Tea Triangle Bag Packing Machine

1. Can the quality of the triangle tea bag packing machine be guaranteed?

Of course, within a year as long as the machine or parts caused by non-human factors we can replace for you.


2. Can you offer some videos or pictures of the triangle tea bag packing machine?

ඔව් ඇත්ත වශයෙන්ම. ඔබට ඔබේ නිෂ්පාදනයෙන් සමහරක් එවීමට සහ ඔබ යොමු කිරීම සඳහා වීඩියෝවක් පටිගත කිරීමට ඔබට හැකි නම් ඔබේ නිෂ්පාදන ඇසුරුම් කර ගැනීමට අපට ඔබට උදවු කළ හැක.


3. Can this triangle tea bag packing machine only pack tea?

Of course not. The triangle tea bag packing machine is mainly used to pack tea, but it can also pack other things like dried flowers, matrimony vine and so on.