Liquid blister packing machine is a intelligent packaging equipment for effective blister packaging of liquid products and gel products. The liquid blister packing machine working principle is to wrap the liquid products in blister pack using forming film and sealing film. Liquid blister packing machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries for products such as eye drops, syrups, honey and other liquids.

KEFAI liquid blister packing machines are accurate and easy to operate, ensuring that liquid product is accurately measured and dispensed into each blister cavity. kefai's liquid blister packers support customization to meet your specific product and packaging requirements, such as the number of cavities, blister shape and size, and the type of material used for the blister and sealing film. Overall, KEFAI can provide you with the best liquid blister packing solution.


kefai දියර බිබිලි ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය

දියර බිබිලි ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය: KEFAI’s liquid blister packing machine is not only suitable for blister packing of various specifications but also for packing special shapes, such as oval, square, triangular liquid, paste, etc. It can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, forming, heat sealing, embossing, printing date and cutting.

  • Adopt humanized design
  • Have a visual safety cover to ensure safe operation
  • Optional function to remove bad products
  • Easy to change mold specifications


KEFAI's blister packing machine dopted advanced high-power transmission device, main transmission shaft droven by chains. Avoid the noise and error by gear.

Imported electric parts for control system. Or install second feeder for lacking capsule and capsule inspecting device reject empty blister.

PVC forming,capsule feeding,heat sealing in one segment;

kefai blister packaging machine dopted photoelectric system, PVC, PTP, ALU. Automatically feeding, waste material collecting. Ensure the multi units work steadily.

(Optional)-Use photoelectric inspecting system, equiped with advanced step motor for traveling. graphic version printing, optimise the packaging.

Liquid Blister Packing Machine detail


KEFAI liquid blister packing machine is suitable for Capsule, Tablet, Sugar-coating pill, Gelatin capsule, injection, honey, cream and other medical instrument, food, electronics.

 kefai liquid blister pack

තාක්ෂණික පරාමිතිය:

Punching frequency10-40times/min
නිෂ්පාදන ධාරිතාව2400 -4800/Hour
Max.forming area,depth70*110*26mm
Standard travel range20-70mm,Can design according to customer's request
Standard blister size80*57mm,Can design according to customer's request
Air supply0.6-0.8Mpa
සම්පූර්ණ බලය380V/220V 50Hz 3.0Kw
Main motor power0.75Kw
PVC sheetThickness(0.15-0.5)*Width:80mm
PTP,Aluminum foilThickness (0.02-0.035)*Width:80mm
Dialyzing paper(50-100)g*80mm
Cooling mouldRunning water,Circulation water
Overall dimension1500*600*1200mm

සවිස්තරාත්මක පින්තූර:



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මී පැණි බිබිලි ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්‍රය: The blister packing machine is suitable for blister packaging made of aluminum and plastic or aluminum, which meets GMP requirements. The type of blister packaging machine adopts a new type of high-power gear motor, which has stable operation, higher accuracy and longer service life.

KEFAI මී පැණි බිබිලි ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්‍රය

PVC Blister ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය: PVC blister packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of solid products, such as toothbrushes, stationery, etc. The working principle of the PVC blister packaging machine is that the packaged product needs to be placed in the blister, and then the blister is coated on the product by heating, suction, etc. to form a package.

KEFAI ස්වයංක්‍රීය බිබිලි ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්‍රය



කැප්සියුල බිබිලි ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්‍රය: KEFAI automatic capsule blister packing machine can perfect pack medicine capsules in blister package. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy and reliability, and can automatically count, fill, seal and pack capsules.

KEFAI ටැබ්ලට් බ්ලිස්ටර් ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්‍රය


අපව අමතන්න

KEFAI as a blister packaging machine supplier, KEFAI has many years of relevant production experience and technical accumulation, and can provide professional customized services and blister machine solutions. We have various specifications and models of liquid blister packaging machines to easily meet the various needs of customers. What‘s more, KEFAI has a sound quality management system and strict quality inspection process to ensure that the quality and performance of the equipment are in line with national and industry standards. In addition, KEFAI provides you සමග comprehensive after-sales service, including උපකරණ maintenance, spare parts supply සහ free training, දක්වා සහතික කරන්න එම long-term stable operation වල blister ඇසුරුම් කිරීම equipment.

If you are looking for a suitable liquid blister packing machine for your business, then please come to us and we can suggest you the best liquid blister packing solution.

KEFAI ලොව පුරා

FAQ about Liquid blister packing machine

1. Is the liquid blister packing machine suitable for all kinds of liquid products?
Yes, the automatic liquid blister packing machine is suitable for all kinds of liquid products with different types and viscosities, suitable for various food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


2. Is the liquid blister packing machine fully automatic?
Yes, KEFAI's liquid blister packing system is equipped with automation function. It can automatically load, automatically form, automatically pack, etc., which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce manual intervention.


3. How effective is the packaging of your liquid blister packaging machine?
Our liquid blister packing machine is very effective. KEFAI's high quality blister packing machine can completely wrap the liquid product inside the blister without leakage and pack the product beautifully. At the same time, the materials used in the liquid blister packaging machine also meet the health standards, to ensure product quality and safety.


4. Do the packaging materials of your liquid blister packing machines have environmental certifications?
Yes, KEFAI's automatic liquid blister packaging machine is ISO international certified. The material it uses is usually PET plastic material, and these materials meet environmental standards.


5. How to choose the right liquid blister packaging machine for my business?
Choosing the right liquid blister packaging machine requires consideration of your product's packaging capacity, packaging speed, packaging materials and other such factors. We suggest that you contact us according to your product characteristics and production needs, and we will choose the most suitable liquid blister packaging machine for you based on these circumstances.


6. What do I need to pay attention to when maintaining the liquid blister packaging machine?
Liquid blister packaging machine maintenance needs to pay attention to cleaning, lubrication, tightening and other issues. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the blister machine, and regular replacement of lubricants, check the screws, etc., which can extend the service life of the equipment and improve packaging efficiency. By the way, the blister packer is easier to maintain and the machine parts are also easier to buy and replace.


7. How fast is the packaging speed of liquid blister packaging machine?
Liquid blister packaging machine packaging speed will be affected by the product volume, packaging materials and other factors. The general packaging speed is 50 to 100 packs per minute.


8. Does a liquid blister packaging machine support multiple package sizes?
Yes, automatic liquid blister packing machine usually supports multiple packaging specifications. It can be adjusted at any time according to customers' needs.


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