KEFAI sugar sachet packing machine is the best automatic sachet packing solution for sugar.

Sugar sachet packing machine is one of the types of automatic packaging machine. It is an automated packaging equipment specially used for sugar packaging and is very practical. Automatic sugar sachet packing machines are widely used in major candy manufacturers. Sugar sachet packaging machines can pack a variety of sugars, such as white sugar, fructose, l glucose, sucrose, maltose, lactose, etc.


KEFAI ස්වයංක්‍රීය සීනි පැකේජ ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්‍රය is specially manufactured for the sugar industry. Our sugar bag packing machines are all fully automatic, with the characteristics of fully automatic independent operation and time-saving. This sugar sachet filling and sealing machine has been excellent engineers carefully study design, the use of microcomputer control of optical technology, high accuracy, fast, good quality, solve the traditional sugar packaging tedious process. An automatic dosers several labor equivalent amount of sugar production and sugar shop is a good helper.

  • Wide Range of Packaging
  • Economical and Affordable
  • හොඳ මුද්රා තැබීම
  • Beautiful Bag Shape


  1. The whole body 304 stainless steel high-precision structure, rust and durable, easy operation and maintenance.
  2.  PLC, touch screen, stepper motor control, bag length set convenient and accurate.
  3. Frequency control, bag more convenient and smooth, simple and quick, save time and film.
  4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, digital input sealing and cutting position, so that the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
  5. Temperature independent PID control, better adapt to a variety of packaging materials.
  6. From filling, bagging, printing date, inflatable (exhaust) one-time completion.
  7. Drive system is simple, more reliable, more convenient maintenance.
  8. All controls are implemented by software to facilitate functional adjustment and technology upgrades, never lagging behind.


KEFAI fully automatic sugar sachet packing machines can pack many granule materials. In addition to packaging sugar foods of various shapes, KEFAI sugar packaging machines can also suitable fof packaging other solid granular products such as food, rice, seeds, dried fruits, grains, nuts, peanuts, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, micro and small components such as general non-sticky solid materials.

sugar application

Sachet Sample

Sugar sachet packing machine is suitable for small packages, usually packaging candy in plastic or paper sachets, such as 3 or 4 side sealed bags, and stick type bags, etc.

විකල්ප උපාංග සමඟ විවිධ පැකේජය


Main Machine Specification
චිත්රපට පළල
max 240mm
බෑග් දිග
max 150mm
බෑග් පළල
Packaging Rate
Pakcage1-50g can be customized
Film Thickness
0.04-0.08 මි.මී
220V 50/60Hz 2KW
Machine Size
Machine Quality
About 300KG
විකල්ප උපාංගය
Date coder, Hole punching device (Pinhole,Round hole, The butterfly hole), Linking bag control device, Airfilling device, Air exhaust device. Tear notch device, Nitrogen inflation device, Gusset bag

Detailed Photos

granule packing machine detail-Ventilator

It ensures that the electrical box is kept at a normal temperature.
granule packing machine detail-Measuring CupMeasuring Cup
This fillng way is aimed at small granular products with good fluidity of packaging.

granule packing machine detail-Electricity BoxElectricity Box
It includes circuit breaks, leakage protection switches, voltmetera, and so on.

granule packing machine detail-Air-pressure

It can be used to check the air pressure value discharged by the air compressor.


අදාළ යන්ත්‍ර:

  • Sugar Stick Sachet Packing Machine: KEFAI vertical packaging machines like sugar packet packing machine or sugar sticjk sachet packing machine is suitable for packaging with low weight. A sugar sachet packing machine is enough to easily pack and fill dozens of tons of sugar in a few hours of work. It is the best way to use a small bag sugar packing machine.

KEFAI Sugar Stick Packing Machine

  • Sugar Side Sealed Sachet Packing Machine: KEFAI sugar side sealed sachet packing machine is one of the most widely used sugar bag packaging machines. Sealed packaging on three or four sides makes the packaging bag have good sealing and beautiful style. This side sealed packer machine can be used to automatically fill various granular materials with high efficiency.

කෙෆායි සීනි පැකට් ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය

  • Sugar Multi-lane Sachet Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic sugar sachet multi-lane packaging machine can produce multiple times as many products at the same time which speeding up the production efficiency of the factory. At the same time, the packaging performance of the multi lane packing machine is powerful and error-free, which is favored by our customers.

KEFAI Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine

නිතර අසන පැන

How does this automatic sugar sachet packing machine work?

Sugars are dumped from a hopper and conveyed into the machine. The vertical packing machine then automatically packages the sugar in a packaging material and cuts out individual packages.

What is the packaging speed of this sugar sachet packaging machine?

The packaging speed of our sugar sachet packing machine depends on the size of the sugars and the type of packaging material, but it typically ranges from a few hundred to several thousand packages per minute.

What is the accuracy of the packaging of the sugar sachet packing machine?

Our sugar sachet packing equipment uses advanced sensing technology and electronic control systems to ensure the accuracy and consistency of each package. The error will not exceed 0.02g.

How difficult is the operation of the sugar sachet packing system?
Sachet packing machine for sugar is relatively easy to operate, and only needs to be operated in accordance with the instruction manual and video operation process. We can also arrange for engineers to go overseas for on-site training and technical support.

Does your sugar sachet packaging machine need regular maintenance?
Yes, this fully automatic sugar sachet packaging machines need regular maintenance and cleaning work to ensure their normal operation. And we will provide you with detailed maintenance guidelines and technical support.



In total, sugar sachet packing machine is an automated packaging machine, mainly used to pack candy quickly and efficiently. This small bag packing machine for sugar can automatically adjust the packaging speed and packaging method according to the size and shape of the candy, and it can also adapt to different types and specifications of candy by replacing different hoppers and packaging materials. Sugar bag packing machine is widely used in the candy processing and packaging industry, and has brought many convenience and benefits to production companies. If you are looking for a suitable sugar sachet packaging machine made in China, then please come and get in touch with us right now!


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