KEFAI sugar packing machine refers to a device which is used to pack sugar products. The sugar can be divided into brown sugar, jaggery and white sugar. And sugar packing machine 1kg is frequently used in the packaging of sugar products.

Our sugar packing machines are produced under a rigorous procedure and are of outstanding quality. Besides, the sugar packaging machine will be tested again before they are delivered. Our sugar packing machine price is definitely reasonable and affordable for you.

  • Sugar Stick Packing Machine: KEFAIsugar stick packing machine is made of a simple structure and is easy to disassemble. You don’t even need to disassemble the screws at all. The sugar stick packing machine has a conveyor belt which is able to make you work in a comfortable situation.
  • සිරස් Form Fill Seal SugarPacking Machine: KEFAI vertical form fill seal sugar packing machine can replace the bag making machine within several minutes, which can help you save much time. If anything goes wrong with the vertical form fill seal sugar packing equipment, it will automatically alarm to remind the operator. In this way, you can decrease a lot of losses.
  • Sugar Premade Pouch ඇසුරුම් කිරීමයන්ත්රය: The packaging of premade pouch is a much-loved and active packaging way and it makes sugar products more saleable. The sugar premade pouch packing equipment is capable of operating in a stable way for a long period. You don’t have to pause for the machine to recover all the time.
  • Multi-lane Sugarඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය: As the name suggests, a multi-lane sugar packing machine can make multiple lanes run at the same time. So KEFAI  multi-lane sugar packaging equipment can greatly improve the efficiency.
  • Multi-headWeigher Sugar ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය: KEFAI multi-head weigher sugar packing machine is able work in high speed and will not make noise.
  • රොටරි Bag-in-Box Sugar Packing Machine: KEFAIrotary bag-in-box sugar packing machine is always matched with conveyor, printing machine, sealing machine and so on.
  • Frequency Control Sugarඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය: KEFAI frequency control sugar packing machine adopts novel mechanism and is full of stable performance.
  • Volumetric Filler Sugarඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය: KEFAI volumetric filler sugar packing machine is fairly suitable for packing granule products, especially sugar, salt, etc.
  • 1 Kg Sugar Packing Machine: KEFAI 1 Kg sugar packing machineis a fully automatical machine and a printing machine is available for you to select.
  • 25Kg Sugar Packing Machine: KEFAI 25 Kg sugar packaging machine is equipped with two-head weighers so it is capable of finishing the work more efficiently.

Bulid and Delivery Perfect Sugar Packing Machine To You

  • Cost-Saving: KEFAIsugar sachet packing machine has a fair price and you can afford it. Compared with manual operations, the sugar pouch packing machine is more competitive because it has higher production efficiency and can save lots of labor costs.
  • Small Volume: KEFAI small sugar packing machine uses a structure of small size and will not take up much space. Instead, the sugar bagging machine is very compact. It means that you don’t need to rent a venue of large space. You can move it to your house to make it work for you.
  • පහසුව: KEFAI automatic sugar packing machine uses the imported chip of high quality which is able to achieve the best state of it. The sugar packaging machine adopts a humanized design and the operator doesn’t have to bend to operate or check it at all.
  • High Performance: KEFAI sugar packaging machine is able to work in a good condition. The equipment can also have a longer service life by mean of the high-end parts. In addition, the sugar packaging machine itself can control speed intelligently , so there is no need for you to adjust the speed on your own.

The Service That You Will Never Regret

We are aware that the quality of products is the fundamental factor that determines everything and the service is one of the most important embodiment of our image. The mission of KEFAI Machinery is to provide you with our most thoughtful and warmest service. All the questions about the sugar packaging machines are available to ask. When we receive your information, we will make response in the earliest time. We will leave you the contact details of our salesman to let you get in touch with them more quickly. In terms of after-sales service, our overseas service center can provide service with you at any time by sending professionals to your home. Once you choose us, you will be able to obtain the online technical service for life.

KEFAI packaging machines have become more and more popular in these years. KEFAI packing machines have been smoothly sold to more than 100 nations all over the world. KEFAI sugar packaging machine is able to accomplish the packaging of sugar products in high accuracy through the method of volumetric dosing. Our sugar packaging machines are in line with the national production standards so that you can be relieved to purchase. Don’t hesitate, KEFAI Machinery expects to become your long-term partner.

Customer Reviews:

I received the jaggery packing machine a week ago. To my surprise, the sugar sachet packaging machine can even clean the material intelligently so that the time consumed is reduced. It brought much convenience for me. I only need to set the parameters ahead of time and the jaggery packing machine can start to operate.A response from India
Our sugar packet packing machine has already been sent to our factory. The sugar packet packaging is able to work steadily and easy to operate. What’s more, the equipment is of high efficiency but low cost. KEFAI is bound to be a perfect solution provider for you.A response from Myanmar
I’m here to say thank you to KEFAI Machinery. Thank you for providing me the sugar packaging machine of high powder. The equipment of high powder is very conducive to increasing our production capacity. After all, the sugar has always been in a great demand in the market.A response from Portugal


How many packaging methods are there for sugar?

There are usually two packaging ways of sugar: bag packaging and box packaging. Bag packaging is used more frequently than box packaging in the market.


How much sugar is packed in a sugar packet?

Different countries have different packaging habits. For instance, in the United States, the sugar packet contains 2 to 4 kilograms. However, in Poland, there are 5 to 10 kilograms in it.

Is the sugar packing machine in stock?

Yes. For standard sugar packaging machines, we always have many in stock. If you need to customize a special sugar packing device, it may take some time to manufacture but we would send the equipment to you as soon as we finished its production.