KEFAI sauce packing machine is used to pack different categories of sauce products such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, mayonnaise, jam, mustard and so on. The sauce packaging equipment is able to operate in an extremely stable and efficient way.

KEFAI sauce packaging machine has a color touch screen and the operation process is easy. You can set the technical parameters and specifications just through the touch screen. The packaging of our sauce packing equipment can guarantee the the sauce materials have the maximum freshness in the shelf-life period.

  • Ketchup Packaging Machine: The ketchup packing machineis also called tomato sauce packing machine and tomato paste packaging machine. KEFAI ketchup pouch packing machine has three common sealing methods, which refer to three-side sealing, four-side sealing and back sealing. Besides, the tomato sauce pouch packing machine can keep the temperature in a steady range to ensure the quality of the tomato paste.
  • Chili Sauce Packingයන්ත්රය: KEFAI chili sauce packaging machine is very useful because the chili sauce has been a staple on Asian and Western dinner tables. Our chili sauce packaging equipment uses the food grade stainless steel so it will not rust or corrode at all. The chili sauce packing machine has a good heat resistance and can be operated at an extremely high temperature.
  • Soy Sauce Packagingයන්ත්රය: KEFAI soy sauce packing machine can be applied to pack liquid and paste materials, especially soy sauce. The soy sauce packing machine is a fully automatic packaging device and it is full of high level of automation. Therefore, it doesn’t need much manual action and has saved much labour expense.
  • සෝස් බෝතල් කිරීමේ යන්ත්රය: KEFAI hot sauce bottling machine is packed in bottle forms, whose sealing is almost as tight as bag packaging. In addition, it is easier for you to keep the quality of the sauce materials.
  • Sauce Packet Packing Machine: The packaging ofsauce packet is fairly popular in the market, especially in the restaurants. Thus, the sauce packet is in great demand all the time.
  • සෝස් සැචෙට් ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය: KEFAI sauce sachet packing machine adopts a packaging style, which is to pack sauce products in bags of small volume.
  • Vertical Form Filling and Sealing Sauce ඇසුරුම් යන්ත්රය:KEFAI vertical form filling and sealing sauce packing machine is a big volume packaging solution of different sauce products. The vertical form filling and sealing sauce packing equipment is very suitable the large-scale production.
  • Vacuum Sauce Packingයන්ත්රය: KEFAI vacuum sauce packing machine can better make the sauce materials keep the freshness by means of vacuum approaches.
  • High Speed Sauce Packingයන්ත්රය: KEFAI high speed sauce packing machine is able to finish the packaging work of sauce products more quickly. If you prefer to choose one device with this feature, the high speed sauce packing equipment is your best option.
  • Economic Sauce Packingයන්ත්රය: KEFAI economic sauce packing machine has multiple functions and the packing speed is able to be adjusted based on your needs.

Tight Sealing Performance With Perfect Seal Look

  • Sanitary: KEFAI Machinery always pays much attention to the hygiene of our products. All of our sauce packaging machines comply with the requirements of international production. We guarantee that the seal of our products is complete and will let the customer eat at ease.
  • Cost Effective: It is absolutely the most economical packing solution to choose KEFAI Machinery. We have been attaching great importance to your interest for the sake of you. Our sauce packaging equipment is quite cost effective especially for the mass production. As regard to some products of high cost, you can not be worried since our equipment will reduce most of the waste in the production process.
  • නිවැරදි මිනුම්: The packaging precision of many products is of great importance. Our sauce packing equipmentis capable of conducting the measurement of sauce materials in the case of doing no harm to Without destroying the integrity of the products.
  • High Performance: KEFAI sauce packaging machines are all equipped with the electrical components of known brand to improve the performance of themselves. The excellent components can make the sauce packing machines be used for a long period and will not break down easily.

The Excellent After-Sales Service

KEFAI sauce packaging machines have maintained a high production standard over a decade ago and now. Therefore, our after-sales service must also keep up with the standard of production so as not to lag behind. It is our duty as a great manufacturer to provide good service for every customer. For the sauce packing machines you purchased, we will always track the whole progress. If you want to the

logistics information of your sauce packing equipment, we are able to tell you the latest situation. You don't have to worry about the installation of the equipment, because we will do it for you within the allotted time. We are always at your service 24 hours a day.

KEFAI packing machines will pass through a rigorous process of quality control and any inferior products will not be sold to you. KEFAI Machinery wants to be your sincere friend in the packing solutions. Choose KEFAI, and make it a wise choice in your production. KEFAI hot sauce packaging machine is one of the most saleable machines in our factory. This is because a great deal of people like to mix sauce when they have meals so as to go with rice. We have a good fame in the packaging machine manufacturing field and many of our orders come from repeat business. We know a good product will attract more customers.

Customer Reviews:

The tomato paste sachet packing machine gave us a super big surprise. We did not expect that the small packaging equipment would have so much power. After you help us finish the installation of the tomato paste sachet packaging equipment, we were very grateful and we really want to express our our gratitude to you.A review from the United States
As a sauce supplier, I bought a mayonnaise packing machine and put it in my factory.I bought a sauce packaging machine in another manufacturer before but it was very loud. However, KEFAI mayonnaise packaging machine works in a quite way. It is so wonderful!A review from Iran
Thanks for your delivery. It didn’t take me long to receive the sauce packaging equipment. I was provided with a detailed transportation plan before purchasing. And I chose ship transportation at last because it is much cheaper and I can save a lot of costs. The sauce packaging equipment is of great quality.A review from Belgium


Is the sauce packing machinefully automatic?

As a matter of fact, we can provide both automatic and semi-automatic sauce  packing machine for you. The former is more efficient, while the latter is cheaper. You can select one between the two types.

Can you customize a sauce packaging machine?

Yes. We have profession research and development team, who have more than 30 years of experience. They are capable of customizing the sauce packing machine for you as long as you tell us your needs. Besides, we will give you the design scheme for you to check.

Is the packaging style optional?

Yes. We can offer you a variety of packing forms such as three-side sealing bag, four-side sealing bag, small pouch, stand up pouch, bottle, cans, and so on. The packing style is up to you.